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In an era of exploding digital content creation, managing and retrieving the right footage from your extensive video archive can be a significant challenge during video editing. That's where we come in.

Our video search engine platform employs advanced AI technology to transform the way you navigate through your video database. Our AI algorithm doesn't just host your videos - it intelligently creates metadata for each video file. By automatically tagging and cataloguing key events, subjects, and scenes, we empower you to find specific footage with unrivaled speed and precision.

Video Editors, say goodbye to manually sifting through hours of footage. With our technology, you can locate the desired event, scene, or object from your video database within seconds. No matter the size of your video production company, our solution adapts to meet your needs, offering a groundbreaking approach to video editing and management. You can read more about the capabilities, here.

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How does QMapper handle user data, especially my videos? Is my content safe and confidential?
At QMapper, your data's privacy and security is our utmost priority. All videos uploaded are processed with the strictest confidentiality standards and are never shared with third parties.
I'm not very tech-savvy. How user-friendly is QMapper, and will I need any special training to use the platform?
QMapper is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The platform is intuitive, and users can seamlessly navigate and use the tools without any special training. Moreover, we provide detailed tutorials and customer support to assist you at every step.
How accurate is the AI in detecting specific objects, scenes, or texts? Can it differentiate between similar-looking objects or scenes?
Our tool uses Google's latest AI algorithm which has been trained on vast datasets to achieve high levels of accuracy in detection tasks. While it can differentiate between a wide range of objects and scenes, we always strive for continuous improvement and welcome feedback to refine our tool even further.
My projects often involve lengthy footage. How does QMapper handle and process longer videos?
QMapper is optimized for efficiency and can handle videos of varying lengths, from short clips to extensive footage. From one clip to search within multiple videos. Our robust backend ensures that even longer videos are processed swiftly, delivering you the results without lengthy wait times.
How is the pricing determined? Is it based on video length, number of detections, or a flat rate? Are there any hidden charges?
We believe in transparent and fair pricing. Our charges are based on a tiered model, depending on the services you choose and the volume of content. There are no hidden costs, and all pricing details are clearly outlined on our Pricing page.